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Compressors and
air-powered tools rental
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Benefits of renting

Why renting an air compressor?

Manufacturing enhancement, programmed stops for maintenance, emergencies and new projects that may need a temporary supply of compressed air.

State-of-art equipment, easy-operated, economic and very safe.

What can we offer you?

Porque alugar - Airparts CompressoresA fleet of stationary or portable compressors over wheels with diesel engine and capacity of 75 to 900 Pcm, several air-powered tools: Hammers, Sandblasters, Chipping hammers, an array of air-powered equipment to meet and make the life of our clients easy. We outsource your center of compressed air wholly or in part, with all the line of air compressor, dryers, coalescent filters and air reservoirs, all state-of-art.

We provide maintenance infrastructure in our equipment with specialized mechanics.

Own transportation to better serve in cases of emergency rental, compressors availability 24 hours.

Our technicians help in the set dimensioning.

We are responsible for all maintenance, parts stock, filters and lubricant oil.

  1. Electric air compressors, of lubricated screws with flow and variable pressures, according to the need with possibility of saving energy up to 35%.
  2. Certified equipment in several safety rules.
  3. Compressed air treatment in certain points, wholly or in part, providing cost reduction.
  4. We supply air drier by absorption or cooling, coalescent filters, air reservoir in compliance with rules NR-13 and ISO 8573-1, Type 1.2.1.
  5. Several air-powered tools.

Advantages of using the equipment supplied by Air Parts:

  1. No need of immobilizing capital in purchasing equipment.
  2. Equipment availability and immediately deliver.
  3. The most recent technology available in global market.
  4. No concern with maintenance, qualified manpower and Technical Assistance guarantee full time.
  5. We made the equipment available in compliance with your company´s needs.
  6. We provide diesel air compressors to be used in peak times, in case the electrical power suppliers considerably encumber the cost of energy supplied.
  7. Contact us, we will present a feasibility study that may provide a sharp decrease in our expenses with electrical power, and keep the compressed air supply in your manufacturing process.


Work in venture with our clients, by offering total CONVENIENCE, RELIABILITY, QUALITY and SATISFACTION. 

To serve our clients, our team is comprised by highly qualified professionals, equipped repair shop for maintenance and testing and a Show-Room with our equipment.


Rua da Fábrica, 49 - Bangu
Phones: (+55 21) 2401-7431
2401-6178 | 3331-9310
Rua Álvaro de Oliveira Marcondes, 36
Jardim das Tulipas - Jundiaí/SP
Phone/Fax: (+55 11) 4581-5703 | 4581-7236